I create websites as well as adding features to them.

Web design

A web designer usually considers himself a bit of an artist. Hence frontend developers like a blank canvas to create a website completely from scratch. This is not always the case, of course, but that doesn’t really matter. Every project is an attractive challenge (in a positive way), regardless of having full rein or being required to stick to a detailed draft.

Individual add-ons

Most content management systems are usually versatile and have a number of add-ons to offer. Yet sometimes even an allrounder like WordPress is stretched to its limits. But even then it still offers a variety of approaches to create the desired functions (if the budget does not set new boundaries).

Bug fixes/troubleshooting

From time to time websites do not act as they are supposed to for a wide variety of possible reasons. Sometimes little details have a huge impact and one simply misses the forest for the trees. This makes it hard to fix a website and sometimes there are even bigger flaws that require even more cleaning up. In any case I try to find a solution as quickly and therefore as efficiently as possible.

Adjustment of details

Most websites are never really finished, even if it may seem complete. In many cases the final product needs some minor adjustments here and there. Some people can attend to this themselves but every so often there is no time or money left to adjust these last details. This can be a rather complicated situation which I cannot always solve either – yet I’ll gladly give it a try.